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Home audio, video, security and lighting control systems.

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TV Installation

We install your plasma TV or LCD TV on the wall of your choice, at the correct hight, hooking up all of your video components to the plasma TV or LCD TV and securely install on the wall.

Home Theater Installation

Home theater, media center, and home automation are custom designed to your lifestyle. We cover every aspect of the installation, from the audio video to acoustical treatment.

Remote Controls

Take complete control of the home automation, theater or media center, replacing all other remote controls. RTI features a bright, high contrast touch screen TFT LCD that can display animation.

Multiroom Music

Anywhere in your home, indoors or out, there can be music; Or sports; Or news; A multiroom audio system is affordable and easy to use. It’s the kind of home improvement that brings pleasure.

Lighting Control

Home automation with lighting can be turned on and off from anywhere, including your car! Touch the Car Visor Control’s “Home” button as you’re approaching to turn on interior and exterior lighting , safely lighting a path into and through your home.

Security Video Camera

This innovative line of camera uses standard Cat 5 wire to deliver a crisp video image, audio and power back to the home automation wiring panel. Your video camera in the home can be viewed over the Internet or monitors all at the same time.

Home Automation

The comfort, convenience and cost effective solution to simplify the management and automation of your custom home, by allowing you to easily control your audio video, security, climate, lighting, camera, irrigation and pool or spa.

Wiring Consultant

wireCustom Sound Video is an industry veterans who wanted to create a global solutions connectivity company that specifically focused on solving critical business issues with technology, rather than pushing a particular provider’s solution.

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